Sony SRS-V500IP 360-degree Cup Holder Docking iPod Speaker

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that the one thing you need is a portable speaker that will sit in your vehicle’s cup holder which will kick out 360-degree jams from your Apple iDevice. Well, you lucky people – Sony have the SRS-V500IP just for you.

The Sony SRS-V500IP is kitted out with a digital amplifier which pushes out some heavy bass (apparently) through the 360-degree speaker integrated to the top of the unit. Kinda like a cheaper, stubby version of the AeroSystem One.

Sony’s idea is to slot this into your car where an over-sized receptacle for caffeine would normally sit. Word is that it is also good for outdoorsy situations such as beach parties and picnics. The odd thing is that it wont take batteries!

It does, however come with a 12V power lead so that your car or van’s outlet can supply the juice as well as a dock to play audio at home.

It will come in the iPod-matching colours of Pink, Orange and Black (see gallery below) when it finally arrives – no date, no price as yet.

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