Sony smart lock Qrio up for crowdfunding

sony qrio smart lockIt looks like Sony are at it again with the crowdfunding, the latest campaign being to fund the smallest smart lock.

Sony is following up on the success of its FES smartwatch crowdfunding campaign. The FES smartwatch was entered on to the site without any mention of Sony. The clever watch not only uses e-ink for the display but the tech is used on the strap in order to give the wearer total control of how the FES looks.

The company’s latest campaign on Majuake, the Japanese equivilent of Kickstarter, is for Qrio which, according to Sony, the world’s smallest smart lock.

Qrio has gained a lot of popularity and its crowdfunding goals have already been achieved.

sony qrio smart lockDo not fear though, it’s not too late to order one as you can still enjoy the early bird discount which means you can get the smart lock for just over £60 (¥11,250).

When Qrio hits the shops it will retail for around £80.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai said that the Qrio Project is part of Seed Acceleration Program to encourage new ideas and crowdfunding for new exciting projects.

So, expect more Sony crowdfunding campaigns in the not too distant future 😉

Should this be the way large firms get their niche ideas out or should they be expected to foot the bill totally from R&D to production? Let me know below or on the GN Facebook page.

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