Sony S1 Tablet Arriving with Summer

Sony seems just about ready to dip its piggies into the tablet paddling pool as their CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, has revealed that they are to officially launch the first Sony tablet later this summer in an attempt to trouble Apple’s iPad.

Sir Stringer is reported to have let known that Sony, although not as swift to dive in to the tablet market as, say Samsung, will unleash its iPad botherer this summer.

He also mentioned that the Sony slate will be running on Google’s tablet-centric Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system.

The S1, as the PlayStation certified tablet is currently being called, is said to dodge the generic tablet looks and has decided to go for something with more curves not to mention an in-built stand and even a ‘rolled newspaper aesthetic’ – a phrase that has been used in explaining the curves on the Adam.

Personally I think it could do a lot worse than looking like the Xperia XTab that I introduced you to a while back 🙂

Add the stand-out looks to the recently announced Music Unlimited streaming service and the PlayStation Suite for wasting time on the tube (or toilet) then this might just be an Android to taunt the iPad.

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