Sony S-Airplay Takes on Sonos

It’s time for your iPod/iPhone and Sony to take on Sonos!

Sony’s new S-AIRPLAY system will allow users to create a wireless multi-room solution without “complicated setup requirements.”

You’ll be able to whack in your your iPod or iPhone into the device and then can stream that music up to a distance of 50 meters around your home the various S-Air wireless speakers you’ve got placed around your abode.

The system will come with one docking station and two S-Air wireless speakers – you can add a further 8 speakers if you like it loud or have more than a 1 bedroomed flat.

You also get FM radio (not DAB) that can be streamed to a speaker whilst someone listens to the iTunes stuff on another.

The speakers also incorporate sleep timers and an alarm clock function and there’s even a remote control for those that can’t be bothered moving around.

It will cost around $400 with additional speakers costing around $130 in the USofA.

Just have to wait for word from Sony whether this will be available in the UK.