Sony RHT-G950 and G550 TV Stands With Hidden Cinema Surround Sound

sony-rht-g950I have brought you speaker-loaded stands from Onei and Evesham already but if you want something a little more….how should I say it?


Then have a butchers at what Sony are bringing to the party.

The Sony RHT-G Series will give you home cinema surround audio and somewhere to shove that Bravia of yours.

You get a choice of the RHT-G950 (40-46 inch TVs) or the RHT-G550 (32-40 inch teles).

The RHT-G950 will give you a 5.1 channel speaker set-up capable of 470W of output; whereas the G550 slings out 3.1 channel audio at a neighbour bothering 330W of explosions and dialogue.

Unlike the Onei the Sony RHT’s speakers are each separated and angled whilst also using Sony’s S-Force PRO Front Surround know-how so you get a decent sound room without all the speakers dotted around the place.

You also get S-Master digital amplification and signal processing, a dozen selectable sound modes, an integrated radio (although not DAB which is a shame), Bravia Sync for one-touch control and all the inputs you’ll need, headed up by 3x HDMI.

Looking at it you wouldn’t guess that all that tech was hidden in there would you?

Both the RHT-G950 and RHT-G550 will be hitting outlets over the summer months – no info on prices yet.

Thanks Lucy for the email 🙂