Sony release audiophile SD Card – can I smell snake oil?

premium audio sdI will openly admit that I am slowly opening up to the idea that there are things that can make your audio better, things that I was originally skeptical about. Where I have experinced first hand the difference some HiFI interconnects can make, I am still unconvinced by their digital brethren. Now Sony is trying to convince comsumers that their new SD card will improve your listening enjoyment.

Sony is about to start selling a memory card that’s, apparently, been designed to help serve premium audio quality to listeners of digital music. Really?

I am willing to bet that the new SDXC for Premium Sound cards will improve your experience by the same amount those gold-plated HDMI leads you paid a premium for do.

I realise that Sony is probably looking at those buying their new Hi-Res audio Walkman for just shy of grand as likely buyers but, with Sony claiming that you’ll hear “less electrical noise” when listening to music saved to it, they may have gone a little too far.

sdxc premium soundNot even Sony is convinced who will buy them:

We aren’t that sure about the product’s potential demand, but we thought some among people who are committed to great sound quality would want it,”

The 64GB SR-64HXA micro SDXC card costs around $160 – a mere five times more than the price of the standard model.

Old rope/money anyone?