Sony Releases HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer Headset – SciFi Crazy!

What would you give to have your own personal IMAX cinema complete with surround sound and no audience getting in your way? How does a 750-inch screen home system sound? If this is but a dream to you then £480 for the Sony HMZ-T1 will be worth every penny.

Sony has unveiled a production model of what I thought would remain a concept for many years today at IFA.

The Personal 3D Viewer, or HMZ-T1, will be “world’s first 3D compatible head-mounted display equipped with an HD OLED panel.”

This headgear will be capable of screening 2D and 3D content thanks to a heads-up display which features two 0.7-inch HD OLED panels inside. The in-built HD screens are angled at 45 degrees thus creating the illusion of a 750-inch screen placed 20m away. Oh yeah! 🙂

Virtualphones technology simulates 5.1 surround sound using the built-in headphones and as the HMZ-T1 uses a normal HDMI connection you can hook up to your game console, cable box and Blu-ray player – and all the content will appear truly larger than life.

At this point there’s no official UK launch date or price but Sony says that the HMZ-T1 will cost 59,800 yen (£480) in Japan when it touches down in Novemeber.

Needless to say that I want to have a go and hope that Europe has this to add to its Christmas list 😉

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