Sony PSP2 Coming With a Roll Away Screen?

It seems that the roll-up concept PSP 2 might not be that far-fetched as Sony is toying with a flexible OLED display.

Sony unveiled their rollable OTFT-driven OLED display and proved just how bendy it is by twirling it around a pencilled-sized cylinder.

Apparently this new screen can put up with being repeatedly rolled up and still show images. It has a 4.1-inch full colour display with a resolution of 432×240 pixels.

Sony didn’t exactly say what they had planned from these new screens but they did hint that they’ll probably be aimed at the mobile device market.

Just imagine a roll out screen on your phone or, indeed, your handheld gaming rig 😉

Perhaps we might see the D-Roll netbook concept appear in real life 🙂

Check out the display in roll-away action below:

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