Sony PSP GO Now Official – PSP and PSP GO Get Video Downloads From Today

sony-psp-goOk – Everyone here knew the Sony PSP Go was coming – but Sony’s finally made it really official.

Specs wise, it’s what we expected really.

It’s slidey-screened handheld with no UMD drive, 16GB of storage (Plus an M2 slot) and Bluetooth.

You can get on the interweb over Wi-Fi which is handy as you’d be able to download games, as well as videos.

Talking bout video – Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai today announced at E3 that Sony’s video delivery service (which was announced at last year’s E3 coincidentally) will now be available on the PSP as well… starting from today.

So, now that’s been made available on the PSP and new PSP Go, it’s going to be easier than ever to download video and gaming content.

There’s more than 9,400 TV shows already available.

So, is the Sony PSP Go worth shelling out for if you already have a PSP? Not sure really – but it’ll cost $249

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