Sony PSP 3000 – The Firmware Makes The Difference

The PSP-3000 may not seem like a great deal different to the PSP-2000.

Ok, there’s a few cosmetic changes, but apparently it’s the firmware that makes all the difference according to Eurogamer.

So, if you’ve only recently bought a PSP there’s no need to kick yourself!

Yeah, the new screen is much “richer, warmer and deeper than the PSP-2000.”

The third brightness setting is brighter than the current gen’s fourth brightness level, says Eurogamer.

Does the PSP-3000 screen fare better in glaring light than the PSP-2000? You’ll have to wait and see since EG wasn’t able to get a day of sunlight over here in Autumnal England.

The D-pad and other buttons are more pronounced and feel much firmer according to Tom Bramwell.

The built-in mic performed well during Skype calls.

Regarding firmware v4.2, a “USB Auto-Connect” option will automatically revert the handheld into USB mode when plugged in but not during gameplay and it won’t charge during gameplay either. It will charge when in USB mode like the current gen does.

So, some changes but not much.  If, like me, you have the 1st Gen model it might be worth the change.