Sony PSP 2 Will Drop UMD and be Outed in May

sony-psp-2-conceptThe creator of games ‘Earthworm Jim’ and ‘MDK’, Dave Perry, has claimed that the PSP2 shall not have a UMD drive.

Which means:

a) it is in development and

b) that the new PSP will be thinner and smaller

c) The PSP 2 may be cheaper as this will cut down on costs 🙂

The downside will obviously be that your current PSP games wont work on it 🙁

And while Sony may deny that any such thing is happening Mr Perry insists that’s he’s right.

Perry posted on his Twitter account the following:

John Koller is publically questioning my post about PSP 2. So I confirmed with Top PSP 2 developers. John, state that PSP 2 WILL have UMD.

The shoe-shine boys on the interweblogosphere reckon that Sony may out the  PSP 2 at E3 in May.

Let us see…………..