Sony PSP 2 Out For Christmas With Sliding Touchscreen

psp2All you that have been following this site since the old days will be aware of the long-running Playstation Portable 2 rumours.

These very PSP2 rumours are slowly coming together into something more concrete and convincing.

A new leak is claiming that they know for certain that the PSP 2 will be out in time for Christmas and that it’ll be rocking a brand new hardware design.

It is said that this insider is apparently a developer already working on the new hardware – who rightly wants to remain nameless and not jobless; keeping in mind the current employment climate 😉

They claim that PSP 2 will be a touchscreen jobby, designed to combat the growing pressure from Apple’s rival gaming platforms, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Other things that have been mentioned are the likes of that screen sliding out and reveal proper button controls, including two analogue sticks!

To match up with the new hardware Sony is going to ramp up its downloadable games service.

So, will Sony drop the UMDs which will obviously spank backwards compatibility – unless Sony make them downloadable for free/reduced cost.

All the usual stuff like price, specs, launch dates and official photos will no doubt appear in the next few months if Crimbo is the actual release point.