Sony PSP 2 Official Photos – Announcement on Thursday

The much anticipated arrival of the Sony PSP 2 may well have been spotted out in the wild!

The image shows the next gen handheld gamer sat with a 32GB SD card, a PSP 2 memory stick and a stylus.

It could well be some clever rendering but it’s not a million miles off from what”s expected.

The main thing under debate regarding what can be seen is whether or not it will sport an AM/OLED screen or not.

The other good news is that there’s the ‘PlayStation Meeting 2011’ scheduled for Thursday at 6am UK time there’s not long to wait for confirmation 😉

The outside has kind of been agreed upon but it’s what’s under the hood that has people guessing.

One bold claim is that it will be as powerful as the PS3!

Speaking to Eurogamer at the European Nintendo 3DS preview event last week, Cousens said: “In portable areas you’re going to have statements, which already out in the press, saying PlayStation Portable 2 is as powerful as the PlayStation 3 – which is true.

“So you’re going to get mobile devices as powerful as what were considered notebooks. I just think it gets bigger.”

So – anyone else setting their alarms to see what the PSP 2 has in store?

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