Sony PSP 2 Hitting UK Before Christmas – 2011

Does the news of a new PlayStation Portable give you fuzzy-tummy time?

Well, Sony is said to have whispered a launch date to some developers.

Word on the street is that the much rumoured PSP2 will officially launch in time for the Christmas next year.

The street in this case is gaming haven VG247 and a loose-lipped unnamed British developer who claims: “We’ve been told it’s coming in late 2011”.

There is talk that the PSP2 will be loaded with front and rear-facing cameras and game controls will utilise a mix of touchscreen and physical buttons.

Sony is still refusing to say anything on the matter – even though Shaun Himmerick, Mortal Kombat’s executive producer, stated that Sony had let him spend some quality time with a PSP2 and guesses that a PSP 2 with a touchscreen have been around since April last year 😉

Thrilled or would you rather a Jungle?

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