Sony PS3 Gets More Memory and PlayStation Move UK Release Date and Pricing

Is it already a year ago since Sony used Gamescom to unveil the PS3 Slim?

This year the announcement was not as ground-breaking but handy if you were looking to upgrade your console’s memory.

In September there’ll be a spanky new 320GB model (which will replace the existing 250GB model) which will come bundled with Move as well as a 160GB model PS3 which will phase out the current 120GB.

The 320GB will cost £299 and the 160GB for £50 less – personally I’d stump up the extra 50 notes and get my a 320gig bundled job 😉

The PlayStation Move motion controller will drop in the UK on September 15th and has a RRP of £34.99, with the PlayStation Move navigation controller pegged at £24.99. The starter pack that comprises a PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye and a Starter disc is priced at RRP £49.99.

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