Sony PS Vita UK Launch Games and Accessories Priced – No 32GB Memory Card Coming to GB Though

Sony has finally confirmed the last piece in the UK PS Vita puzzle – that being the prices for its first-party launch titles and accessories. The weirdest thing is that, for some reason, we won’t be getting a 32GB memory card.

The Sony PS Vita lands in the UK on Feb 2 and will cost you £230 for Wi-Fi or £280 for the 3G version and now the next gen portable has just had its British launch game titles and prices announced. The prices range between £25 and £45 so it might take a bit more pocket money saving but I am sure the games will be worthwhile – let’s have a look.

The two launch games that are causing the biggest stirs are Unchartered: Golden Abyss (£45) and Wipeout 2048 (£35); saying that though, there should be something for everyone amongst these titles: Everybody’s Golf (£35), Reality Fighters (£25), ModNation Racers: Road Trip (£35), Unit 13 (£35) and Little Deviants (£25).

Sony also confirmed the full line-up of 25 titles for the US, but is yet to give a full list of third-party games for the UK launch – this is kinda odd as the PS Vita arrives here on the same day as it will over in the US. Super-duper weird as, at least with the Japanese version, the Vita is region free.

Accessory-wise, the 4GB memory card will set you back £18, the 8GB £32, and the 16GB £45. There’s no 32GB, which is also lacking in Christmas spirit:

[A]t this time, we are not planning to launch with the 32GB PS Vita memory card,” says PS Vita European product manager Adam Grant responding to the question.

You’ll also get six AR Play Cards and three AR games (Table Football, Cliff Diving, and Fireworks) with the console. For more on its augmented reality abilities – check out the video below.

With OnLive launching on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play today I’d recommend spending the extra dosh to get the 3G version just in case OnLive lands on the Vita too 😉

Check out the uboxing here or catch the Vita on tour!

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