Sony PQ Headphones and Earbuds – Get Some Tokyo Urban Cool on Your Ears

Rui Morisawa – is a DJ and a skater but, more importantly, also designs for Sony and has put that latter skill in to play in order to create a new brand of headphones for the company inspired by Tokyo street culture: PQ Headphones.

These ear pleasers are eye-catching to say the least but, as well as looking very funky; the PQ headphones feature practical design elements.

You get tangle eliminating flat cords, velcro adjustments to replace plastic sliders and the outer ear pieces of the full cans are flat to help improve sound quality.

Top of the PQ headphone heap is the PQ1. These chunky cans are aimed at those who enjoy bass-fuelled tunes and so are loaded with 40mm drivers. Apparently the earpieces on the PQ1 are made of a trainer-like material. Not sure if that will speed up your music any though 😉

Next down in the line are the PQ2s. These more streamlined headphones feature 30mm drivers.

Can you guess what the next ones are called? Yup, the PQ3s are aimed at the sportier types amongst you as they have been built to be impact resistant and fitting for the more rugged outdoor pursuits. The PQ3 are also equipped with 30mm drivers.

The PQ4 Qlasp earbuds come packing their unique earlobe clips, 9mm Drivers and a gold-plated angled 3.5mm Plug.

Finally here we have the PQ5 earbuds. These come with a 13.5mm driver to be shoved in each lug-hole and squirts that bass-end “through the eye holes of the gas mask design”. Hence the nickname: The Bass Masq.

UK prices and availability are yet to be announced but check out the PQ micro site here.

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