Sony PlayStation Vita – The Social Side includes In-Game Chat

We’re all still waiting for a release date for the PlayStation Vita so Sony continues with the teasing. The latest installment is focused on the handheld gamer’s online and social attributes.

There has already been much of ado about the PlayStation Vita and its web-connected staging area for each game, location-based tech and chat features – but now we’re actually starting to get to know what the Vita will have to offer us.

Near: If you’re familiar with SpotPass as seen on the Nintendo 3DS then you’ll understand Near on the Vita (hopefully it wont impinge on the PlayStation’s battery in the same way though). Sony describes Near as a location-based gifting system which will allow you to leave presents at certain locations. They can be anything from in-game items to challenges within a specific title and you’ll be able to choose who’ll be able to pick them up or just leave them open to anyone to grab – you can limit how many times this can accessed too. It actually sounds kinda cool to me. Imagine being sat in a cafe having a quick game when you get a little bonus just for being there 🙂

LiveArena is the update system on the PlayStation Vita which will gather in important announcements, new DLC (downloadable content), other game updates, promotions and notifications from your friends. A LiveArena screen will appear whenever you start a game.

Party is definitely something new for a handheld gaming machine – and we all love a good party! From what I understand, Party will allow you to create a group with three of your buddies and then you will be able to to chat with them via voice and text regardless of what you’re doing. Yup, cross-game voice chat will be present on the PlayStation Vita!

I reckon these additions are pretty impressive for a pocketable gaming console and would love to try these out.

Still, £279 – will you be buying?

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