Sony PlayStation Phone Might be Next Year – PSPhone

It was only last month when I last heard talk of the Sony Playstation Phone and that pointed to a possible release next month.

The latest installment has Sony confirming that a PlayStation Phone will not be arriving anytime in the near future.


I’ve been excited to see the thing in the flesh since I first caught wind of the rumours back in June ’08 which was closely followed by patents in July the same year.

It was during an interview with Peter Dillie, senior vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America which has dampened people’s touch-paper. While he was chatting about the 15th anniversary of PlayStation, Dillie said that there’ll be “No new mobile launches this year.”

He went on to state that “Our strategy is to maintain the PlayStation brand on Sony devices and provide experiences that are exclusive and proprietary.”

So Pete and the rest of the Sony crew – 2011 then yeah?