Sony PlayStation Phone Arriving December 9th with Retina Display

The excitement is rising as it sounds like we may well get to see the mythical PlayStation Phone in the next few weeks!

This would also go some way to explaining the perpetual dropping of PSP Go prices 😉

I’ve already shared with you what is supposed to be pictures of the Go + phone handset but it seems that the screen may in fact be comparable to the retina display on the iPhone 4.

The pic above is an invite Sony Ericsson’s press event held by Pierre Perron, the chief executive of the company’s French branch.

It states: The “most anticipated presentation of the last 10 years” will happen on 9 December.

Those PlayStation buttons with the additional phone symbol aren’t exactly cryptic are they? 😉

To even up the hype Mobile Crunch have someone on the inside that says that it’s “nowhere near ready” and will more likely launch in February 2011 at Mobile World Congress.

On the plus side, however, the blog confirmed that the phone is most definitely real, and the display could equal the iPhone 4’s retina display, thanks to Sony Bravia technology.

Word is that the PlayStation Phone would cost you $500 (£320) for a SIM free model including five games.

Disappointingly I’m hearing that the games may not be PSP titles as it would take too much grunt – saying that though Mobile Crunch’s tipster said it was “the best gaming [they’ve] ever had on a mobile device”! There’s whispers that say the handheld gamer is having cheaper, more casual games being prep’d and, because of that, chances are the phone will drop its PS branding and grab an Xperia badge instead.

Games would be priced in the sub-fiver bracket.