Sony Playstation Getting More 3D Over Next Few Months

Another little Sony tid-bit that was mentioned at the John Lewis gathering makes even more sense since I learned about the new Cybershot cameras.

PS3 owners will already be aware that their gaming console has had a 3D gaming firmware update – I was told by Sony on Thursday that the PS3 will be treated to firmware updates that will add 3D Blu-ray playback in September.

Mick Hocking, a director at SCEE, also mentioned that there’ll be another update later on in the year that will add 3D photo viewing to the PS3 – handy since Sony release their new 3D snapping Cybershots in September 😉

With all this 3D being added it’s no surprise that the Sony Playstation Eye will also be optimised for a more 3D augmented reality experience – adding a better “depth of field” to the whole thing.

It was also announced that there will be another 20 3D gaming titles being released over the next 12 months just from the Sony gaming studios with third party releases adding to that number 🙂

How many of you 36 million PS3 owners are now thinking about buying a 3D TV to benefit from this?

Let me know.

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