Sony PlayStation 4 in Discless Near Miss Shocker

PS4 conceptSony’s PlayStation 4 nearly went down the download-only route until the console makers decided that dics were still the way forward. For now.

The Wall Street Journal said that “people familiar with the matter” revealed to them that the PS4 will come packing an optical drive. I’m guessing it will remain a Blu-ray drive as found in the PS3.

The mysterious source also revealed that the PlayStation 4 will be launching in 2013.

Sony has, of course, declined to comment, but it makes sense given that the PS4’s next-gen rival, the Microsoft Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango nee Loop) is now set for a release in November 2013 – not 2015 previously rumoured.

There were earlier rumours suggesting that the Xbox 720 would be ditching discs in favour of download-only. Like the PS4, though, it looks like Microsoft’s next-gen console will feature an optical drive – the main concern being that internet speeds won’t be up to scratch for download-only games.

This just goes to prove that there are definite thoughts of going purly download only and the increasing importance of online networks to gamers.

Would you prefer to go disc-free?

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