Sony PlayStation 4 Being Prepared for Christmas! [ps4]

Gamers – you’d better sit down. It looks like Sony are getting ready to put together their PS3 replacement. They’ve even mentioned a release date. Are you ready for the PS4?

I’ve already reported that Masaru Kato mentioned that there was a PS4 on its way but now it sounds as though the next-gen gamer is being readied for production this year.

Sony proudly unveiled the PlayStation Vita at E3 last month and is now expected to use next year’s event to flash their PS4 and then whack it on store shelves just in time to be at the top of letters to santa.

The sure to be Christmas 2012 chart-topper is said to come complete with Microsoft Kinect styled movement-based controls.

Word has it that Taiwan tech manufacturers Foxconn and Peagtron Technology, who already put the PS3 together, will begin work on the fourth generation PlayStation console later this year in order to meet the 20 million unit stock demand of a 2012 launch.

Next year is certainly going to be interesting as Microsoft may also be unveiling their Xbox 720 at the same event as the PS4 – FIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!

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