Sony PlayStation 3 Motion Control is Stunningly Accurate

sony-ps3-motion-controllerMicrosoft’s Project Natal may be the latest in motion detection going by the buzz at E3, but Sony’s adventure into motion detection, or Motion Control has been demo’d live on stage in a more complete and working state than Natal.

In a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s new CEO and president, Andrew House, has described it as “stunningly accurate” and promises that it represents a “huge step” in gaming.

Andrew House spoke to about people’s reaction to the Motion Control technology, which is due for release in Spring 2010.

“What we had at the E3 showing was very forward facing technology, a firm date for launch which is important as it gives us a good lead time to assemble the right sorts of content to take advantage of it,” House explained. “It’s stunningly accurate in terms of the way it tracks movement. That sounds like an incremental step in terms of motion technology, but it’s a huge one in terms of saying ‘now it’s arrived’ and it’s really going to change the way we think about how we play games.”

Apparently the team behind the new gadget dates back to the original EyeToy and that Sony is “not unduly worried” about rival technologies coming from Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus and Microsoft’s Project Natal.

House added that there’s chance of  bundling the new controller in with every PS3 bundle, but adds that “Spring is a long way off”.

So – do you reckon that this is the one you’d go for?

Let me know.

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