Sony Planning Social Cyber-shot 3G

When you take out your trusty compact camera do you ever take a snap and wish that you could immediately upload it to your favourite social network without plugging it into a puter?

It seems that Sony shares the same line of thought as it is rumoured to be working on a new Cyber-shot compact camera that’s packing a 3G data connection.

The 3G connected Cyber-shot will probably hand the user a limited amount of free 3G after which you’d be charged.

Chances are that the snapper will come with built-in access to the likes of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, so you can squirt your shots to your choice of social site.

Of course you can do all that with your smartphone but their digital zooms are still no match for the optical zoom smarts of the compact cam 😉

Would you be tempted by the socially aware Cyber-shot?

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