Sony Pips The Kindle in UK With PRS-505 Reader

Sony ReaderPipping the Kindle v2 to launch here is Sony’s reader!

The second-gen book replacer from Sony, the PRS-505 Reader is smaller than a hardback, has memory to store up to 160 e-books, which is expandable via an optional Memory Stick or SD Memory card, and it can also be used as a mass storage device for file transfers.

Weighing a comfy 260g it is said to have a battery life

equivalent to approximately 6,800 continuous page turns

– When I turn a page I use no battery power…..odd that :0P

Reader’s display uses E-Ink technology that means the “pages” are viewable in direct sunlight at angles of up to nearly 180 degrees.

The Reader comes with a USB cable, soft protective case, Sony’s “e-Book Library” software, 14 pre-loaded excerpts from new and recent books, and, in addition to electronic books, Reader can also store and display personal and business documents in the ePub, PDF, RTF, TXT and MS Word (converted to RTF automatically on the supplied software) formats as well as JPEG images. 

You can pre-order it from Waterstone’s either in store or online from July 24th.

e-books will be available to download from the e-bookstore on the Waterstone’s website from early September.

Pricing, and exact launch dates TBC.