Sony Network Gets New Boss To Sort PSP Phone

psp_phone_modelKaz Hirai just been promoted to head the new Sony Networked Products and Services division in a Sony reshuffle.

This brings him over from PlayStation to be in charge of everything from PlayStation to the Walkman brand – including Vaio devices and those mysterious “new mobile products”.

His brief is to oversee the “expansion of the PlayStation Network service platform” which kinda gives me the vibe that Sony wants the PSN to go cross platform with devices.

But the real juice is that Sony specifically states that Hirai will also be in charge of “new mobile products”.

Oh yeah – this must be Sony sorting the PSP phone?

Could be the PSP2 but, c’mon - the PSP phone!

Sony only recently blocked Sony Ericsson from developing one  so this must mean that they want to do it in-house.

So, it looks like a range of Sony gadgety joy will be hooking up to the PlayStation Network – downloading movies and music rather than games.

So – do you want a PSP Phone, PSP2 or are you just happy to see the PSN go across other Sony wares?

Let me know good people 🙂