Sony James Bond OO7 Reader – For Your Eyes Only

james-bond-sony-readerPoor old Amazon Kindle 2 .

Where it looked to be doing pretty well it just can’t beat the fact that the Sony Reader has just buddied up with none-other than Bond; James Bond.

Although it looks like Q has decided that it wont have rocket launchers, skis or underwater capabilities it is able to hold 150 e-books on its memory and comes equipped with a rather lovely suede case featuring an embossed 007 logo.

Perhaps a holster for a Walther PPK would’ve been a nice touch 😉

If that’s not enough for you wannabe spies the Reader also comes with free downloads of Ian Fleming’s ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘For Your Eyes Only’.

Brits looking to have something to read after parking up their Aston Martin for a Vodka Martini, (shaken and not stirred) will have to wait as it is only available in the States for $299.