Sony in iPod / iPhone Dock Shocker

Sony icfcd3ipNow, as far as I’m aware, Sony still make their own brand of MP3 player.

But they’ve decided that they need to build a dock for that relative ‘Johnny-come-lately’ Apple.

Sony’s newest Dream Machine, the ICF-CD3iP, has been sprung by Sony Insider.

The iPhone/iPodClock/Radio Dock isn’t ugly and will probably be of decent quality (unless Sony want to make the Apple products sound bad) and will be priced at a reasonable $100.

With any audio product it’s difficult to review until I’ve actually heard it but I’m thinking it isn’t gonna be fantastic but sound like a half-decent clock-radio-mp3 player.

SI mentions the that it has an iPod/iPhone remote, and that its alarm can co-exist with iPhone/iPod alarms – so that’s handy.

To me it looks like the iDock bit might slide out so if you haven’t got an iThingy you can keep the dock tucked away

It’s also packing an MP3 playing CD player and it has a line in to boot!

Sony Insider

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