Sony Hacked AGAIN! Greece and Thailand Hit

It’s not getting any better for Sony. The Sony BMG Greece website has become the latest service to be comprimised after reports that users details were posted online.

The Hacker News reports that b4d_vipera managed to snaffle the names and email addresses of users registered to – those were then uploaded by an anonymous user to site

The method used in this instance was an SQL injection tool (nope, me neither) which I am informed identifies flaws across websites – Sony in this case.

There have also been reports that a Thai Sony website has also come under attack after users were being directed to a fake website posing as an Italian credit card company – this sneaky method was specifically designed to obtain information about customers.

I can only think that Sony is getting really miffed by now – all this after seeing the PlayStation Network being brought to its knees for around 25 days. Apparenly this was seen as an “inconvienience” by the CEO. That went down well with the gamers!

When it first did reappear it had to be pulled shortly after.

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