Sony Ericsson’s Revolutionary Smart Earphones – Changing Music Forever?

sony-ericcsson-mh907-headphonesHmmm…. remember last week and the bragging from Sony Ericsson about their gadget that will “change music forever”?

Prepare to be underwhelmed – I did warn you.

It turns out that the revolutionary product is the autoplay headphones but now they have a name: the MH907 Motion Activated Headphones.

They are pretty clever to give SE some credit. A simple enough concept but still smart.

The earphones are equipped with Sony Ericsson’s SensMe tech so that they can sense what you’re doing. Plug both in to your lugholes to listen to tunes – yark one out and the music will pause immediately.

So, if you’re using the Sony Ericsson MH907 earphones to take a call, slip one in one in and cut someone off by pulling one out.

“With the MH907 consumers can pocket their phone but still stay connected all day, every day by simply plugging in or removing their earbuds – there is no need for a remote control or any buttons.” said Jacob Sten, Senior Vice President, SEMC Accessories. “At Sony Ericsson we think it is very important to listen to what our customer needs and introducing the world’s first ever motion activated headphones highlights our commitment to offer our customers a complete Communications Entertainment experience. The MH907 supports our realigned brand strategy, which aims to build a fun, playful and inclusive interaction with consumers.”

As I’ve said – the Sony Ericsson MH907 aren’t exactly life-changing but I wouldn’t mind giving them a go.

The Sony Ericsson MH907 headphones will come in yellow/white and titan chrome.

It seems that they wont be coming with a 3.5mm jack as Sony Ericsson phones have that “fast connector”. Hmmm….

Price: €39

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