Sony Ericsson’s Kool Kids – The txt pro and Mix Walkman Phones

Sony Ericsson have just taken the wrappers of its two new feature phones. High-five or pound the Mix Walkman and txt pro. These are obviously planned to be SE’s cool, street and well sikk kids.

This duo have lots in common but one is more into their phat beats whilst the other is constantly texting.

Both phones are rockin 3-inch scratch-resistant touchscreens with a resolution of 240×400 but lacking multitouch.

They also get a 3.2-megapixel camera with video recording, Wi-Fi, Web browser, Twitter and Facebook apps and can have a memory boost up to 32GB via microSD card.

Naturally, both these mobiles can message and text via the 12-key virtual keyboard but the SMS-addicted txt pro is also equipped with a slide-out QWERTY-board similar to the Xperia mini pro. txt pro likes to keep an eye on its top 5 friends so has an integrated best friends application. This lets you keep up-to-date with all the latest news from your BBFs Facebook and Twitter updates.

Being the hip young things that they are both love their tunes and feature the PlayNow and TrackID music recognition services.

The Mix Walkman features the Walkman player and Sony’s SensMe system, like that found other SE phones including the Xperia X10. SensMe will set out your music library based on each track’s mood and tempo.

The Mix Walkman also gets the ‘Zappin key’! Yeah! What?

The Zappin key will “make it easier and more fun to search for your favourite song”.. A quick poke of the Zappin key enables you preview the chorus of the next track so you can decide if you want to listen to it or go directly to the one after.

The real genius is the karaoke mode which lowers the main vocal on any track so you can sing along. Can’t wait to see this in action on the bus or tube.

Hang on. Wait a minute. No, I can actually wait; a very long time….

Expect these phones to land on UK soil in the Autumn. We’ll get to know the prices nearer the time but I’m guessing these phones will be on a PAYG deal with pocket money region handset prices.

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