Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini – Bravia Screened Smallest HD Smartphone Available

If you’re looking for a very small smartphone the addition of a slidey-out keyboard might add too much junk in the trunk. If you’re looking for possibly the smallest Android phone that packs plenty of tasty things into a very sexy body – you need the Xperia Mini!

The Xperia Mini could well be the best little Android out there – and possibly take the original’s mantel of being the smallest HD recording smartphone.

Measuring an almost silly 88 x 52 x 16mm it somehow squeezes in a load of tech as well as its 320×480 touchscreen.

Where the Mini Pro has its neat QWERTY keyboard the Xperia Mini does away with such unnecessarily foolish things.

What the Xperia Mini does have is a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which runs Android Gingerbread 2.3.

If watching and taking HD video on the move is your thing then you’ll be glad to know that in that tiny body lies Sony’s Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine and HD video recording (720p) – yes, the same as the Xperia arc.

The new Mini also packs Sony Ericsson’s freshly released social networking ‘Facebook inside Xperia‘ software which allows you to share the songs you ‘like’ with friends, see what friends are listening to and watching as well as integrating Facebook albums and photos with the Xperia gallery application. You also can synch Facebook Events with the Xperia Calendar and receive Facebook notification alerts in the lockscreen.

The new Xperia Mini could well be following in its older siblings prize-winning footsteps when it arrives in the Summer.

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