Sony Ericsson PSP Phone Could Happen

psp_phone_model-223x300Sony Ericsson has just turned flip-mode on the subject of PSP phone thanks to Sony Ericsson’s CEO letting slip that a PlayStation mobile “could happen”.

It was only February when I reported that Sony had got someone in to get this thing sorted but with news of the PSP Go! cropping up I thought they may have side-lined it but it looks like SE may be doing the do.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Sony Ericsson CEO Hideki Komiyama let slip that a PSP phone “could happen”, just as Sony Ericsson has used the Sony Walkman and Cyber-shot brands before it.

Could this be Sony and Ericssson actually getting along again after their seemingly on-off relationship over the last year?

If a PSP Phone is to be the offspring of this relationship – I do hope so! 🙂