Sony Ericsson Let Slip Alicia – Walkman Clamshell Phone

Alicia WalkmanSony Ericsson are planning some major mobile phone launches for the 17 June but it appears they’re unable to stop leaked pics and spoilers.  Yay!

The next phone that has managed to slip from under SE’s security blanket and follows the snazzy 8.1 mp Cybershot Shiho for its bid for freedom is called Alicia – for now.

Alicia is a clamshell and is being described as the W980i with some tweaks.

The outer, hidden display apparently features different animations depending on your settings.  These are said to include Walkman graphics or info such as the weather.

The reports also suggest the display will show changing themes depending on the time of the day - kinda like the previous S500’s functionality.

Roll on Tuesday!