Sony Ericsson Jalou – A Gem of a Fashion Phone

jalouSony Ericsson has unveiled its latest fashion phone.

The angular clamshell has been named Jalou.

Looking not too disimilar to the Bao concept I spotted on the interwebs a few days ago the Jalou is just 73mm long (or “shorter than your favourite lipstick” as SE puts it).

The body looks like a precious gem that will certainly become the height of vogue in 2010 dahling – the colours also follow the gem trend: Deep Amethyst, Aquamarine Blue and Onyx Black.

Spec-wise you get a 2 inch screen which can be transformed into a mirror at the touch of a button, 3G, a 3.2MP camera, music player, FM radio, Bluetooth and a web browser.

To keep those haute couture outfits fitting the Jalou is equipped with a ‘Walk Mate’ step counter and so that you never miss a premiere there’s an exclusive interface which automatically updates you with special event information.

The Sony Ericsson Jalou will also strut out as an Dolce&Gabbana limited edition in a rose finish (pictured below in the gallery) complete with 24 carat gold plating.

The Jalou D&G will be bundled with a tasteful gold-accented D&G headset and three satin bags for the phone, charger or jewellery, plus exclusive D&G content like photos, video clips and a blog.

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