Sony Ericsson Erects New Stall in Android Market

If, like my lady, you’re rocking a Sony Ericsson phone (her’s is an X10 in case you’re wondering) then you could well be spotting a new area in the Android Market apps store as Kylie and Jason once put it – Especially for you.

This is great news on first reading but then this new Sony Ericsson section actually replaces the ‘my apps’ bit in the Android Market. Granted, you’ll still be able to see your apps by tapping Android’s Menu button – but if this is something that you tend to do regularly I could see this getting to be a bit of a drag.

The other odd thing is that the new SE area will be ‘operator-dependent’. This basically means that even though that the new feature is ready to roll from this very day you’ll probably have to wait for your network to flick the switch. The race is on for swiftest network folks!

Niggles aside, this would be an ideal way of grouping together those titles designed to use the gaming controller smarts of the Xperia Play.

If you’re contemplating one of these gamer-centric blowers and willing to fork out your hard-earned just because of that PlayStation controller then you’d expect to be able to be lead to those games optimised for your specialist Xperia.

Is Sony Ericsson making the right move? Would you have preferred a whole new separate place to grab your Xperia Play games?

Let me know – and, in the meantime, enjoy some classic Jason and Kylie 🙂

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