Sony Dot Switch Video – Media Hub or Remote Cannon Switch?

sony dot switchSony seems to be starting fresh in 2012. Not only has is axed Ericsson from its phone line but now they want to control everything using a dot.

The new Sony teaser video promises a form of “new entertainment” in the shape of ‘Dot Switch’.

What the heck is Dot Switch, apart from being some new entertainment thingy? I hear you ponder.

The video only teases (it is a teaser after all – that’s what they do) at its myriad uses.

What appears to be a Sony Xperia is being used to turn on a gramophone, a TV, set-off confetti cannons and turn on some lights in order to reveal a robotic arm. This arm lifts a silver cover to show, for a second, a small black box which displays the same circular interface as the phone.

Now, unless Sony are going to bring back the gramophone or go in to a high-tech line of confetti cannons, I’m taking it that these elements are meant to be a hint to the uses of that black box.

By that I mean controlling your AV system, you know, fun stuff all via your Sony mobile phone. Perhaps even sharing content between devices.

It could be a media hub that will link all your Sony kit with your Sony Xperia S.

We will know when the answer is revealed on February 21.

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