Sony Couldn’t Keep Their New 16 GB PSP GO! Secret Any Longer

psp-gpNope – Sony couldn’t contain themselves any longer and decided to whip out their Go’s ahead of E3.

According to John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, the main differences between the PSP Go and the PSP-3000 are “on-board memory, the flash memory, and 16 gigs of space. There’s Bluetooth on board as well, so you can use a Bluetooth headset, and you can actually tether it to your cell phone as well. But ultimately, it’s the portability. Since you can bring all that content with you in a smaller form factor, you’ve got the most immersive games to play, and now you’ve got a smaller unit to do it with.”

A YouTube video of what appears to be the next issue of the PlayStation-focused video magazine Qore has revealed that Sony will use its event to unveil a new PSP model, the PSP Go. Sony is expected to unveil the PSP Go at its press conference Tuesday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. As had been widely rumored, the PSP Go will have a sliding form factor like the Mylo, Sony’s ill-fated Internet communicator device.

A second video from Qore shows the PSP Go in even greater detail, and also reveals its logo.

The handheld will have a 3.8 inch screen in comparison to the PSP-3000‘s 4.3-inch screen and will be 43 percent lighter than the original, and will have “all digital content,” according to Koller. “The UMD drive goes away…and it has a Memory Stick Micro, so you can add memory to it if you like…It will be something the digitally savvy consumer can really enjoy,” he explains, before revealing some new PSP games will be download-only.

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