Sony Blu-ray Recorders That Send Your Vids To PSPs and Mobiles

sony-bdz-a750Sony has announced that they’re releasing a couple of Blu-ray Disc recorders.

Yeah? So?

Well, as well as recording your fave tele shows they’ll also have the power to export the video to portable devices such as the PSP or Walkman.

The models in question are the 500GB BDZ-A950 and 320GB BDZ-A750.

As well as the neat exporting trick they can also whip down extra stuff from Japan’s AcTVila video download service – which in turn can also can be whacked on to your Sony portable player of choice 🙂

It’ll even go onto your phone!

Although that will be restricted to “analogue broadcast program or other video that does not contain any copy protection signal.”

Sony have managed to put together a lot of current tech such as streaming and downloadable video, Blu-ray recorders, etc and by adding the ability to port that content over to your handy gadget they’ve added a feature that has eluded almost every set-top box so far.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this is destined to stay in the land of the rising sun.

News from TechOn via the lovely T3