Sony announces HX500 turntable that spits vinyl to DSD and WAV

sony_ps-hx500If you remember, last year Sony  revived the Walkman brand as a high-resolution media player, and now it looks as though they’re joining the vinyl revival with their PS-HX500 turntable.

The newly announced PS-HX500 turntable as a minimalist look about it but has the power to convert your vinyl collection in to native DSD or WAV files direct to your harddrive thanks to some clever hidden tech.

The turntable also features a mobile app as well as desktop software to edit your favourite music and play back the buttery sound on any high res audio player.

I am sure that the HX500 is a pretty competent record player – It’s got a two-belt drive system and aluminium die cast platter for stability.

PS-HX500It is also packing a built-in phono equaliser that’s fine tuned for top quality sound.

The thing is, if you’re looking at getting one because of the digital transfer tech I feel that I must remind you of a couple of things. 1) If you want digital why are you looking at a record player? 2) Most new LPs come with a digital download code so that you can grab the mobile friendly version anyhow.

If you still feel that you need the Sony HX500 turntable in your life, it goes on sale in the spring but there’s currently no word on the pricing yet.