Sonos Warns Owners of Personal Data Security Risk – Update Software Now!

sonos data security breachSONOS has sent out an urgent email to users this morning telling them to immediately update their wireless music system software as hackers could get access to their personal data.

Sonos says that the security “enhancement” should be downloaded in order prevent people gaining access to sensitive data through a gap in the system’s security.

The company also posted the message on its forum, and stated that Sonos is not currently aware of any breaches so far:

This update fixes a bug that, in rare cases, could allow someone to access the usernames and passwords of services used on your Sonos. Currently, we are not aware of any customer data being compromised. If you have any evidence that your account credentials were inappropriately accessed please contact Sonos customer service at

In addition to updating your Sonos with this security enhancement, it’s always good practice to use strong and different passwords for your online accounts.

To update, go to ‘System Settings’ on any Sonos Controller and select ‘Online Updates’.

Do you own a Sonos system? Does this potential security risk worry you?

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