SoloMatrix Spike the iPhone with QWERTY Keyboard

spike iphone case qwertyAh, the dilmma. You like the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard but want iOS apps aplenty. Well, Spike is about to put another nail in the RIM coffin – it may need something better than a larger PlayBook.

The SoloMatrix Spike case offers two options: the Spike1, where the keyboard is physically attached but removable from the case, and the Spike2 which features a hinged full QWERTY keyboard that can be moved 180 degrees so you can get access to the full touchscreen.

Designed to match the current iPhone colour-ways, both Spikes will initially be offered in either Pitch Black or Ice White.

There will also be a special limited edition, all aluminum model with the option for personalised engraving. These will come anodized in various colours – including “Kickstarter Green”.

The Kickstarter Green option may have already given the game away but the Spike keyboard case is currently aiming to raise US$75,000 on the crowd funding Kickstarter site – it’s looking good too with US$64,000 already bagged and 32 days still to go.

Check out the video presentation below:

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