Social Media not the cause of poor work performance – Check your computers

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It has become the easiest thing to blame for poor performance at work, yet Social Media is generally not to blame. Allowing employees access to Social Media may even increase productivity – but be aware of the pitfalls.

Sure, maybe Facebook does distract you a bit during the day but, before putting a veto on retweets and status updating perhaps the first thing to check is how the PCs are performing and not your workers. Perhaps read more on and see how optimising a computer’s effectiveness could increase efficiency.

You see, according to workers questioned for a new survey of 300 people commissioned by TrackVia, it’s chatty workmates (14%), followed closely by computer glitches and meetings (both at 11%) that caused the main distractions.

Only 5% of workers said Facebook and Twitter is their biggest distraction at the office. In fact, 44% said social networks increase productivity!

Employers have been banning social networking sites since they started, but in the past several years some workplaces and universities are recognising the benefit — and sometimes necessity — of social networks for both their employees’ satisfaction, business and continued professional development.

That’s not to say that all employees will be acting for the good of the company as one employer discovered after their employee ‘flipped’ his Twitter followers, which he accrued whilst working, at the company to become his own personally followers. According to the company, his Twitter followers are worth about $42,500 a month – and they’ve gone to court to make him pay up.

Study’s have proved that computers to give a boost to productivity – but if they are not running at their optimum or there’s gaps in security then they will no doubt find themselves in that 11% of distractions.



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