Sobro – possibly the most awesome coffee table

sobro smart coffee tableThe humble coffee table. Holder of beverages and, in more recent times, hoarder of USB cables, remotes and 3D glasses. But Sobro is here to make the coffee table smarter!

That low table in the middle of your room is ripe for revolution.

It does a decent enough job in its basic form but it could try harder. Why not fit it with a beer/wine cooler? Some handy charging points would also be awesome. While we’re at it, how about some proper power points for our laptops? Nice.

Sobro smart coffee table

The Sobro coffee table packs in all those ideas, and more.

I’ve never actually been this excited about a table before.

sobro drawersThis starts of normal-ish. A tempered glass top and modern design. Then the makers let themselves go, totally.

They have added a refrigerated drawer to hold drinks – handy for those box set marathons or sporting events such as the Grand Prix. That alone is pretty cool, but it doesn’t stop there.

It also comes with integrated Bluetooth speakers, a pair of USB charging ports, and two power ports for your connected lifestyle. Use it to charge your phone while you work, or connect your telly to the speakers and enjoy better sound quality.
[youtube id=”QEPRaoRhVvk”]
The only downside I can see is that you will have to somehow route some power to it. But, where there’s a will…

Sobro price and availability

This isn’t quite on the market yet. It’s currently running its crowdfunding campaign and you can pre-order one for $629.

They have easily met their funding goals (1203% when this was published) and it’s currently expected to ship in September.