So much tech hidden in Teague and Sizemore’s Denny bike

tteague and sizemore dennyeague and sizemore dennyThis gloriously simple looking bicycle is one of the entrants to Oregon Manifest’s competition which has pitted teams of designers and bike builders from five American cities. The Denny, representing Seattle, is the brainchild of design firm Teague and bike fabricator Taylor Sizemore and hides a multitude of tech amongst its understated frame.

Looking at the Denny you’d probably be able to pick out the LED lights and perhaps noticed the odd handlebars but the rest of the bicycle may pass as something more mundane.

Well, let me start with those handlebars – not only are they 3D printed titanium, but the clever design has them double-up as a fully integrated and removable lock. You can also just unclip one end to attach it to a tree or post whilst still in the handlebar position if you’re just quickly nipping in to a shop.

Teague, who are more comfortable with designing jumbo jets, brought their specialist knowledge of advanced technologies such as electronic assist motors and smart battery management tools. As a result, Denny has a motor that automatically kicks in on hills or other times when the rider needs a little boost. The assists rechargable battery is hidden in the frame and also powers the indicators. Whist on the subject of indicators, the clever handlebars also features haptic feedback from the rider’s smartphone for eyes-off directions.

If you’re wondering where the mudguards are, see those bars coming from the wheel hubs? They’re packing rubber brushes that flicks the water off of the tyres as the wheels spin.

An autoshifting gearbox also makes climbing hills something close to effortless. The storage rack is kept closer to the ground to lower the bike’s center of gravity. The rack is also integrated into the frame meaning it doesn’t swing with the front wheel which keeps the weight placement more constant and therefore dropping the bike less likely. The step over height is similarly low, making it easier for those in skirts to dismount while maintaining some dignity.

I really do like this design and wish to congratulate the team on winning the competition.

The prize for winning is having the bike produced by Fuji Bikes and pricing/availability information will be available starting in the spring of 2015.

Check out the video below: