Snuggle up with the Night’s Watch pillow for Game of Thrones S5

lucy watson snuggleAs sure as winter is coming, Season 5 of HBO’s Game of Thrones will soon be upon us. What do you do if you don’t want to watch it alone? You need the comfort and protection of the GoT Night’s Watch boyfriend pillow. Possibly?

Made in Chelsea star, Lucy Watson confesses her love for the Game of Thrones series and has decided that she’d rather have a silent cuddle partner so she can watch the sex, violence and hot dragon action in peace.

Lucy has taken her idea to UK streaming service NOW TV to make a Night’s Watch Boyfriend Pillow or, if you’re a Wildling, a Crow Pillow.

The Night’s Watch are there to defend The Wall from giants, White Walkers, and the aforementioned Wildlings all of whom lurk beyond, so I guess it stands to reason that you might feel safer having at least part of one around.

got chelsea pillowThe Night’s Watch Boyfriend Pillow is dressed in the customary black cloak, and comes with a huggable arm and a full-length cape that can serve as a blanket to keep you warm.

Lucy Watson says:

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan and am catching up on season four of the show on NOW TV before season five starts, so it’s fresh in my mind. It’s so annoying when people talk through my favourite shows, but the Night’s Watch Boyfriend Pillow is the perfect solution – a snuggle partner that can’t talk! And what more could a girl want than a Night’s Watch warrior to cuddle up to?”

Lucy Watson nights watchSadly, these are not available in the shops, as the only ones that have been made are Lucy’s personal boyfriend pillow – oh, and a few that NOW TV is giving away ahead of Season 5, which lands on April 12th.

To win a Night’s Watch Boyfriend Pillow. Follow the @NOWTV Twitter handle for details on how to enter.