Snugg Ultra Thin iPhone 5 case review

snugg ultrathin iphone 5sIf you’ve bought yourself the latest iPhone 5s you’re going to want to keep that thing scratch-free without covering up any of that Ive-designed body. Perhaps you should check out the ultra thin cases from The Snugg.

The Snugg Ultra Thin cases are exactly what you’d expect them to be.

These hard cases are fairly flexible and boast an open-edge design so that you can get to the buttons and ports on your iPhone easily.

This also means you don’t have to battle with it to get it on your Apple smartphone – just slip the handset in button edge first and it’s done.

snugg case top

Trying to take photos of the clear case I was sent was rather tricky but I can safely say that it is actually ultra thin and hardly adds any bulk to the iPhone 5 at all.

As I mentioned earlier – with the openings around the ports you are able to keep the case on when docking the iPhone or plugging it in to a Hi-Fi using the headphone jack.

iPhone 5 snugg case cameraWhilst it might not be that great at protecting your iPhone from a drop as there’s no padding at all in the case, it will save your phone from getting scratched and the thin profile means it wont ruin the lines of your clothes.

The Snugg Ultra Thin case is pretty decent, does not add any bulk or weight to your iPhone 5 and allows the design to shine through if you get the clear one.

The Snugg Ultra Thin case is available now from their website for £14.99.

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