Snolo Stealth-X sledge for ninja Santa or Batman

snolo stealth-x sledIf you spent your childhood looking at the other kids with their fancy wooden sledges or those plastic ones with proper steering then it’s time to get revenge with the Snolo Stealth-X.

I assure you that, should you rock up to your local snow-covered park with a Stealth-X, then women will want you and guys (and most kids) will want to be you…

OK, perhaps I got a little carried away there but there’s no denying that if Batman was looking to slip down snowy hillsides I reckon he’d do it in a Stealth-X.

As you can tell – this is no ordinary sledge. The Snolo Stealth-X is an ultra-light carbon fibre snow-slider which offers a fully steerable ski allowing you to slip past overly excited dogs and small children. It also folds down so you can carry it back home after the fun is over.

The Stealth-X isn’t available yet, but you can register for more information over at the Snolo website. There will be a ‘proper site’ containing more info landing in around four weeks but, with the price tag rumoured to be around the US$3,000 (£1,880), revenge may be a rather expensive dish served cold when it’s released on December 7th.

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