Snapped by Randoms? Finds Your Photo Anywhere on the Interwebs

Since moving to London I have been spotted minding my own business in the background of a number of TV shows – Cash in the Attic to name one.

I daren’t imagine how many random photo’s I’ve been snapped on by tourists taking a quick pic of a historical landmark, black cab or red bus.

There will soon be a way to find every online image you’re in thanks to some new software that can recognise your face and find all appearances on the internet. uses the software to scan the unique areas of your face and will then sniff our every pic (even videos) that contains your mug with around 90% accuracy.

This is the same kit that has previously been used by law agencies to locate people within social networking platforms or on other web communities.

Apparently believes it will be a useful service to help unlock secrets to a family tree, find long lost loved ones or trace missing persons.

Gil Hirsch,’s chief executive officer, told the Sunday Times: “You can basically search for people in any photo. You could search for family members on Flickr, in newspapers, or in videos on YouTube.”

How many of you would give this a whirl?

I reckon most people will be using this in a similar way to Googling themselves 😉

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